Joseph Coppola

Hello visitor! Welcome to the NEBC homepage! We hope you’ll find our site easy to navigate and the information valuable so that you might understand our theological stance and ministry mission. You’ll find a statement of faith, and other appropriate information to peruse. There is also information about individual ministries and our missionaries. We support a small number of missionaries with a substantial monetary amount so that we may maintain a greater appreciation for them, and closer contact with them. Two of our missionaries are younger men who come out of our church and academy.

Our academy, launched in 1982, is a very important aspect of the NEBC ministry plan. It allows us the opportunity to train the students from area churches not only academically, but also Biblically. It is our privilege to be able to minister to the next generation of Christians, as we attempt to inculcate in them the life of Christ.

Our emphasis in each ministry is to maintain extremely strong Biblical connections to our culture and society. We hold an extremely strong position on the importance of God’s Word in every aspect of life. The Bible is preached and taught not only in each of our services, and but also in each academic class at the academy.

We hope that the information you find will be sufficient for you to obtain a view of our Christian perspective. Please feel free to call us, or contact us by email with any further queries. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. God bless you in your Christian walk—we hope you’ll allow our ministry to be a significant part of your spiritual growth!