Posts from April 2015

Sunday School Fellowship

Our monthly Sunday school fellowship is scheduled for Sunday, April 26, during our 10:00 hour.  We ask that you please bring a breakfast type food to share with the group.  Coffee and juice will be provided.


There are flyers at the Welcome Table in the foyer for you to use to invite people to our special Creation Seminar on Sunday, May 3, beginning at 5:00 pm.  We ask that you please invite your family and friends to this incredible time of teaching about creation.  In addition to the teaching time there […]

Quarterly Business Meeting

We will have a quarterly business meeting on Sunday, April 26, immediately following our morning service. We encourage all members to plan now to stay for this important meeting regarding our finances and other pertinent issues.

Prayer Chain

If you are interested in being added to our church prayer chain, please see Sharon Barnes.  Our prayer chains are used in the event we have an urgent prayer request that needs to be shared with our church family.

Wednesday Night Services

Why did Jesus speak in parables?  In about one-third of Jesus’ teachings He employed this form.  This series of seven lessons will cover the basic methods of interpretation, as well as the practical application of the parables for us today.  Parables of the Kingdom, love, grace, prayer, self-righteousness, stewardship, and the future will be discussed […]

Sunday School

Join us for Sunday School on April 12th as we tackle the “Scripture Verse Challenge: Fact or Faux”. Many common idioms in today’s culture are wrongly attributed to the Bible, while other well known sayings are rooted in the Bible and unknowingly used as trite expressions. Al Schuler will help us to sort the facts […]

Ladies Ministry Funds

f you helped out in any way with the Ladies’ ministry yard sales, we would like your input as to how to spend the money that was raised.  There are forms and a box at the Welcome Table in the foyer.  Please indicate your choice and place the form in the box by Sunday, April […]

Creation Seminar

Mark your calendars now!  We will be having a Creation Seminar on Sunday evening, May 3.  Dr. Jonathan Sarfati will be our special speaker and will be offering two sessions including a question and answer time.  Please invite your family, friends, and co-workers to attend; they will be blessed and encouraged!  In the next week […]