Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and thank you for your interest in our family and our ministry with the Deaf in the Dominican Republic. Did you know that about 2% of the population world wide is made up of people who were born Deaf or became Deaf at an early age. The majority of these Deaf use Sign Language as their primary language of communication, and because of this, most of them have never received the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that they can understand? “Because they have lost their hearing must they also lose their soul?” Ted Camp, SWM As we work in the Dominican Republic, our goal is that of church planting and reaching out to the Deaf community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you read this it is my hope that I can express to you our passion and calling and that you will prayerfully consider us to become your missionaries to the Deaf world. We are primarily ministering in the capital city, Santo Domingo. This is the largest and most populated city on the island and it contains about 30% of the population of the country. Even though we are ministering in Santo Domingo, it is our hope not only to make an impact with the Deaf here but also to reach out to the Deaf across the island with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In August 2008, we arrived in Santo Domingo with the goal of planting our first Deaf church and on November 9, 2008 had our first service at Igelsia de Convertidos a Cristo a los Sordos, the first Independent Baptist Church especially for the Deaf in Santo Domingo. Through the years we have seen many Deaf Christian without a church home come and call ICC a los Sordos their home, many saved and baptized and many grow in the Lord through descipleship and the faithful teaching of the Word of God. Please pray for us as we continue to work with the Deaf here in the Dominican Republic. God Bless You.